Saturday, 17 May 2014

Saturday Morning

Quiet morning as the sun rises,
Birds chirping,
Cool breeze.

Gloomy day,
Neither bright,
Nor dark.

Creatures of music,
Sing me a song,

Fresh draft through the windows,
Creeping through my toes,
As I lay on my sofa.

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Saturday, 15 March 2014

The Needle & Thread

Do not
Let the thread guide your way,
It is the needle that has an eye,
Thus the thread shan't be the needle's guide.
And the thread shall follow as a tail.
Mustn't be the other way around,
Hence wielding a sword with one's blind eye.

Sunday, 16 February 2014

Quote of the Day

For the scrabble lovers out there. Here's one dedicated to you.

"With all the letters of the alphabet under your finger tips, sometimes all you have are vowels; it is said that vowels give life to words, but vowels alone sound absurd." - Vivian H.

Friday, 3 January 2014


There he lays as you approach,
Still as stone,

You speak to him,
Sounds of echoes,

Shadows creeping over him,
Sounds of thunder,

The wind seeps through,
Howling with speed,

Laying in darkness as he speaks,
Pitch black in the sky,
Black out,

Wednesday, 21 August 2013

Chalk Board DIY

What you will need:

Masking tape
Rust-Oleum specialty chalk board latex paint
(Available in a large can or spray can)
Stencil (optional)

Mask off any hard clean surface and spray or paint one coat. Let dry. Spray or paint a second layer. Let dry. You can stop here or paint a third layer.


Paint a mirror using stencils for a decorative touch.

Paint labels on glass jars for better organization.

Thursday, 18 April 2013

Stand By Me

Hello Readers...

This week we are back with a column about standing by your loved one.

Is it wrong to drag a relationship onwards when you know it won't work? Things your spouse does consciously and subconsciously are physically and emotionally draining you. You stood by them through thick and thin. Problems seem to keep arising in your spouse's life. Yet you vow to stand by them to show your support, because you value their friendship.

You stand by them because you know they will crumble to the ground without you. So you stayed. 

You know their bad habits won't change. But every millionth time you mention it, they either get offended or they say they will change. Am I wrong to keep hoping for a brighter tomorrow? Or is it just naive to let it slowly eat me away on the inside. The anger bottles up within, fool me once, fool me twice... but fool me for the thousandth time. There's something seriously wrong with this picture.

Have you ever checked your compatibility through horoscopes? tarot cards? psychic? Here were the results I found. Often when a relationship begins to fail, we turn to find hope. I used my own horoscope as an example below.

Tarot Card Reading by

I am the Emperor and my spouse is the the Magician.

It says it takes a real effort for this partnership to resemble a lasting romance. As we both carry a different skill set. The Magician has a naturally forceful and flamboyant leadership style will grate on the nerves of the methodical Emperor. 

While the Emperor likes to see things done in a step by step way, while the Magician impulsively jumps head first into new endeavors. The Emperor's strong suit, loyalty, runs counter to the Magician's penchant for fickleness. 

In love, the major friction occurs when the Emperor does a million small things around the house to please the Magician, who barely notices these gestures. The Magician, conversely, is so independent and busy with personal agendas and goals that the Emperor can feel like an employee and even worse, a slave in service.

On the upside, both share a keen intellectual approach in life and joint problem solving is a task they can enjoy together. If the relationship is built around work or family finance building, then there is a chance of endurance. But without a mutual project or goal, both partners often end up feeling neglected and unappreciated by the other.

Horoscope Compatibility by

Scorpio - Water

Taurus - Earth
Earth + Water = Mud

Many Taureans have been madly attracted to their opposite sign, Scorpio. The powerful drive and magnetic appeal of the Mars and Pluto-driven Scorpio is irresistible for you. Opposites do attract.

Your first meeting with a Scorpio will be overwhelming. You’ll probably be bewildered by the waves of passion you feel when you’re around them, even if you don’t know them yet. Scorpio will feel the same way about you; there’s an undeniable connection between Mars and Venus.

Scorpio is a fixed water (ice) sign. The action of water on earth in this case will not be entirely fluid. The cold inflexibility of Scorpio will conflict with your earthy stick-to-your-guns approach. You will agree on some things, but endlessly debate others, and you’ll go head to head quite often. If your partnership is to work long term, both of you will need to learn to accept the other’s viewpoint, even when you disagree with it.

Scorpio needs to express love through sex, and though this may flatter you at first, you’ll soon need something more affectionate and sensitive. If it’s not there, you may not be able to stay in the relationship — it’s too intense. You are ‘touchy-feely’ too, but you don’t want just sex!

The pluses here are that Scorpio will help you explore the part of you where love and sensuality can reach their peak, and you can help Scorpio get in touch with their softer side and learn to let go.

Oddly, this combination will bring challenges in the area of money and its control. Though you’ll nurture and love each other, these issues will become a major testing ground for you both. You will both need to make an effort here. Most Scorpios will fare well with you, Taurus, but those born between 24 October and 2 November are ideal. They will, on the whole, be compatible emotionally, mentally and sexually. You can make long-term plans and commitments with them.

Hope you enjoyed my column this week.

Lulumelon Chronicles

Saturday, 23 March 2013

Air Dry Clay DIY

Have you seen this stuff before? It is awesome. It's great for people that are fidgety and ones whom have a creative mind. Turn your thoughts into reality, build it with air dry clay.

Handmade Sushi toys, hand painted The possibilities are endless. You can make home decor and even toys for a dollhouse. 

Princess Figurine, hand painted
This clay comes in different colours and brands. If you buy them in different colours you can actually eliminate the hand painting. Available at most craft stores and Play-doh aisles.

Happy Crafting :)